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What is the Dermatology Correct Coding Initiative?

Every three months, CMS publishes a new list of the pairs of codes they consider to be bundled together and not payable separately. The exception is when these procedures or services are performed on unrelated sites or lesions. The biller adds modifier 59/XS to the claim to override the payment and get the claim paid. The trick is to know which dermatology codes need modifier 59/XS and which ones don't.

We do the hard work for you. Our Dermatology Correct Coding Initiative products filters almost 2,000,000+ coding bundles down to the nearly 55,394 (as of July 2017) you need to know for dermatology.

As an alternative, we highly recommend DermCoder to save time, increase coding accuracy, and for 24-hour access from any computer with an internet connection. DermCoder, our premier product that shows you where up to 13 modifiers get added on up to 10 codes with a single click!

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