Webinar #2 - Dermatology E/M Modifiers and Billing (plus E/M ICD-10, Preventive Visits, Benchmarking - Recording/Handout (2017)
Dermatology Webinar - E/M Documentation and Coding
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Webinar # 2 - Dermatology E/M Modifiers and Billing (plus E/M ICD-10, Preventive Visits, and Benchmarking)

Program Description:

This webinar covers E/M coding/documentation based on existing 1995/1997 CMS guidelines and CPT guidelines. Update Medicare (2019) E/M coding/Billing rules will be covered in a future webinar.

You may think you know everything there is about E/M billing and billing E/M visits and procedures, but chances are you are making many mistakes. We routinely see evaluation and management claims billed incorrectly and inappropriately. If you bill E/Ms with procedures by adding modifier 25 each time, you're setting yourself up for audit failure! We'll cover the essential E/M modifiers (24, 25, and 57) and discuss when it's appropriate to bill for each and when it isn't. The rules when billing E/M with special procedures like injections, patch testing, PDT, and light therapy are quirky. Even Mohs and repairs with E/M are often miscoded!

We'll also make sure you're up-to-speed on billing these appropriate with E/Ms. ICD-10 coding can affect E/M reimbursement, and we'll discuss appropriate use of ICD-10 codes with E/M visits. Mandatory Global Period reporting starts July 1st for some providers. We'll explain everything you need to know and show you how to bill.
We'll include a ton of real-world examples to make sure the points are clear!

We'll end with benchmarking and how to determine if you're billing too few or too many E/Ms compared to your peers. If you're off the charts, you may be targeted for a carrier review! If you have concerns about your E/M billing habits or are getting frequent claim denials and requests for records, you need to attend this webinar!

The speaker for this event is Karl M. Ellzey,CDC, President and Founder of Ellzey Coding Solutions

Who should attend?

This webinar is perfect for all staff including: providers, billing staff, practice administrators, nursing staff, medical assistants, and compliance officers!

Date: Recorded Live August 9th, 2017

View the on-demand recording of the actual live event (up to one year) and receive the webinar handout and training materials.

Program Length:
60 minutes

Webinar topics:
  • Determining IF you can bill an E/M code at all, even if you perform one.
  • Modifier 25 – you’re doing it wrong and setting yourself up for Audit failure
  • Understanding separately identifiable E/Ms with minor procedures
  • Modifier 57 – Decision for major surgery
  • Postop E/M coding – when you can/can’t code for E/Ms
  • E/M and special procedures – Injections, light therapy, PDT, Mohs, patch testing
  • Preventive Visits and “Screening” exams explained and why you probably can't do them!
  • E/M and ICD-10 coding
  • 99024 – Mandatory global reporting July 1st – what you need to know
  • E/M Benchmarking – Are you an outlier and over or under-coding?

Each webinar includes:

  • 60+ minute recorded webinar from actual live event
  • 58-page detailed handout to follow-along the webinar and to use as a reference afterwards. Not just an outline or copy of the slides!
  • Registered attendee will be provided a web-link to re-watch and share with staff/providers after the live event (viewable for up to 1 year). Viewable on PCs, Macs, or tablets
  • Summary of Q&A from the live event.