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Modifier 25 Audits in full effect! Are you at risk of an audit?
Last Updated: 07/12/2016

We've been warning DermCoder clients and our customers since 2013... the OIG, CMS, and commercial carriers are targeting Modifier 25 abuse!

The audits are happening NOW, and we're now receiving reports from dozens of clients who are in the middle of an audit.

Clients are also concerned that their EMRs are inappropriately coding an E/M and adding modifier 25 (when not warranted) or coding to higher levels of E/M than justified.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read our Frequently Asked Question that is accessible from the bottom of QuickCheck (under Disclaimers) and share with all of your providers. This is the one issue we are asked about most frequently and the one area where we see the most inappropriate modifier use.

The article can be found here...

Gone are the days where every dermatology visit included an E/M visit and you could simply slap on modifier 25 and get it paid!

The rules changed in 2013! Are you doing it wrong?

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