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ECS is formed


Inga Ellzey Practice Group announces formation of new dermatology spin-off company

CASSELBERRY, Fla. – June 24, 2011 – The Inga Ellzey Practice Group (IEPG), a company specializing in dermatology practice-management products and services, today announced the formation of a spin-off company that will develop billing software, coding tools, and a variety of other billing and compliance products for distribution to dermatology practices across the nation.

The new company, Ellzey Coding Solutions (ECS), headed by IEPG Vice President Karl Ellzey, will market existing products, including the company’s popular DermCoder software, Correct Coding Initiative for Dermatology, Quick Pik coding sheets, office forms, legal compliance tools and office policy manuals. In addition, ECS plans to develop a variety of new benchmarking and reimbursement toolkits for dermatologists and their staffs.

Headed by President and CEO Inga Ellzey, IEPG will continue to focus on educating the dermatology community through conferences, webinars, coding courses and the Complete Coder for Dermatology, the most comprehensive dermatology-specific coding manual available. Inga Ellzey is the nation’s foremost expert on dermatology coding, documentation, and reimbursement, with more than 38 years of experience in the field of dermatology.

“In response to our rapid growth over the past few years, we decided it was time to spin off a separate company to market our core product line while focusing more attention on new-product development,” said Inga Ellzey. “The addition of ECS to our company family will allow us to respond even more quickly to the everyday billing and compliance needs of our customers. It will also give me more time to focus on our many educational products and services.”

Karl Ellzey, son of IEPG founder Inga Ellzey, has worked with IEPG for almost 20 years. During that period, he was responsible for many of the company’s technical breakthroughs, including DermCoder, a Windows-compatible software product that serves as a coding and billing companion for billing personnel and coders.

He will now concentrate his efforts on the development, production and distribution of high-tech coding and billing tools. This will allow IEPG to focus its attention on educational products, including its National Dermatology Coding Course (now offered online), 1000-page Complete Coder for Dermatology coding manual, webinars and semi-annual dermatology conferences.

“We see this new synergistic relationship as one that will offer our thousands of loyal customers, as well as new clients, everything they need to meet the challenges of the ever-changing and dynamic healthcare environment,” said Karl Ellzey. “IEPG and ECS will work together to bring new solutions to dermatologists, while educating physicians and their staffs in all aspects of coding, billing, documentation and practice management.”

For more information about the IEPG and its dermatology billing companies, please visit: http://www.iepg.com/ orhttp://www.dermatologybilling.com


About IEPG

Founded in 1978 by Inga C. Ellzey, the Inga Ellzey Practice Group, Inc. is the only national consulting organization in the United States specializing in dermatology practice management. The company is widely recognized as the nation’s foremost expert in dermatologycoding, documentation and reimbursement. IEPG is located in Casselberry, Fla., just outside of Orlando. One of its associated companies, Dermatology Billing Associates, also is located in Casselberry. Another IEPG company, West Coast Dermatology Billers, is located in Redlands, Calif.

About Inga Ellzey

Inga Ellzey, president and CEO of the Inga Ellzey Practice Group, Inc., is the nation’s foremost expert on dermatology coding, documentation, and reimbursement. She has more than 38 years experience in the field of dermatology, 16 of them spent working with a private practicing dermatologist. Inga also is the CEO and founder of two national dermatology-specific billing services. Those companies currently serve more than 125 dermatology practices in 31 states, processing over $200 million in insurance claims annually.

About Karl Ellzey

Karl Ellzey is vice president of the Inga Ellzey Practice Group, Inc. He has worked side-by-side with Inga Ellzey for the past 18 years in the creation and growth of both the Inga Ellzey Practice Group and its dermatology billing companies. Until recently, Karl focused primarily on the technological aspects of the businesses, including the design and creation of IEPG’s popular DermCoder coding software. He also has worked extensively with several electronic medical records (EMR)/billing software vendors and assisted with content design and workflows.