New!  Correct Coding Initiative for Dermatology (PRINT) - Single Issue - 2018 Version 24.3 (Oct-Dec)
Dermatology Correct Coding Initiative
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PRINTED Edition - Single Issue Only (2018 Version 24.3 October-December 2018)


The Correct Coding Initiative for Dermatology includes…

Our printed listing consists shows all of the dermatology-specific code bundles based on CPT/HCPCS code used by dermatologists.

Current (Version 24.3) statistics:

  • 55,721 active code bundles
  • 366 new code bundles and 112 deleted code bundles for 2018
  • 845 possible dermatology-related CPT codes

Note: This product is 3-hole punched, and is approximately 408 double-sided pages (816 pages total). You will need to place this in your own 3-ring binder.

This printed document will include...

1. Detailed dermatology-specific instructions on how to understand and use the Correct Coding Initiative
2. Actual CMS Narratives and Instructions for the National Correct Coding Initiative and Modifier 59/XS documents
3. Complete listing of 55,721 code pairs that affect dermatology from October through December 2018
4. List of New code bundles by date (for the previous 12 months)
5. List of Deleted code bundles by date (for the previous 12 months)
6. 816 pages total (408 double-sided pages)

New 'XS' modifier went into effect in 2015

CMS will permit you to optionally use four unique ‘X’ modifiers in place of modifier 59… Modifiers XE, XP, XS, XU. The new XS modifier applies to dermatology most of the time.

Our easy-to-understand instruction guide will show you how to use XS in place of modifier 59.

Modifier 59/XS is the most frequently over-utilized and abused modifier. Most practices try and guess where it goes or applies it to all codes on the claim. This results in unnecessary claim denials and improper payment. Don’t guess! Our guide shows you exactly where it should go!


We have added 34 pages of detailed instructions explaining how and when to apply modifier 59/XS (CCI unbundling modifier), as well as modifiers 25 and 57 for E/M services.

Modifier 25 for E/M services is affected by the CCI and is subject to heavy audits from Medicare and commercial carriers at this time? Are you setting yourself up as a target because of inappropriate use? We'll help you figure it out!

We included detailed step-by-step examples showing you how to use the lists to make a decision on whether to use one of these modifiers and when they are not appropriate. In addition, we show you how to complete a claim form with the modifiers.

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