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How does it work?

Do you have a tough coding question that you just can’t seem to find the answer to? Need help with a claim denial, choosing a code, or figuring out which modifier to use? We’ve got the answers you’ve been searching for!

Ask! works only through our special web-based interface. Instead of faxing, calling, or e-mailing, you simply type in your question and attach any support documentation such as copies of claim forms, EOBs, chart notes, etc. If you know how to use e-mail, you’ll know how to use Ask!

Our dermatology coding experts will then work hard to research and find the answer. You’ll be notified via a special e-mail alert when your answer is ready for viewing.

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What kind of questions can be asked?

We are able to answer most dermatology billing and coding questions... anything from claim denials, to CPT, ICD-10, modifiers, J-codes, HCPCs, and NDC codes, we’ve got you covered!

The service does not provide answers to HIPAA, legal, human resources, or OSHA-related questions, nor do we answer questions for other specialties.

How long does it take to get an answer?

Questions are usually answered within 24-72 hours. Sometimes, your question may be answered the same day. If your question is complex and requires some research, it may take a bit longer to get the right answer. There are a few occasions throughout the year, where the company closes for vacation. You may ask questions during this time, but the questions will remain in queue until the company re-opens.

What if I don’t understand the answer?

If you have a follow-up question related to your initial question, you may ask for clarification or additional details. Follow-up questions don’t count towards your overall question limit.

How many questions can I ask?

Subscribers can choose from three different question packages at either 2, 12, or unlimited questions per year.

You can always start at lesser-priced package and “upgrade” to a larger package for the price difference if you run out of questions before the end of your subscription.

Any unused questions will expire at the time of renewal.

What's the difference between Ask! and DermCoder Online?

DermCoder Online is our web-based coding and billing tool. Click here for info.

Ask! is a separate service that is only for answering your dermatology coding and billing questions.

Non-DermCoder Online subscribers users who purchase this service will only have access to the Ask! question interface, and not access to DermCoder Online's coding and billling tools!

DermCoder Online subscribers can purchase Ask! at the time of renewal, or can add this service at any-time. Please call toll-free 1-855-326-3464 for pro-rated pricing. In addition, the Ask! coding question service would be available to all DermCoder users under an account (i.e., the same company).

What happens once my Ask! annual subscription expires or I run out of questions?

Ask! is a use-it-or-lose it concept. If your practice purchases the 12-question package for the year, and you use only 10 by the time the subscription expires, these unused questions will not “roll over” when you renew your subscription.

If a client uses up their question limit, they can also “add” on additional questions to "re-up" the service for a pro-rated fee.

Remember, you can always start at lesser-priced package and “upgrade” to a larger package for the price difference if you run out of questions before the end of your subscription.

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